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Our goal is to deliver comprehensive real estate services to our clients including custom, build-to-suit properties for lease and lease/purchase. A build-to-suit facility gives you a custom designed building that exactly meets your operational requirements.

Each project is taken through the necessary phases for successful execution.

Here’s how we do it:

Development | Build-to-Suit

Development | Build-to-Suit Process

Pre-Construction Phase:

  • Analyze the scope of the project
  • Identify the Tenant’s program
  • Establish a preliminary design criteria
  • Begin preliminary design of site and base building
  • Identify all municipal approvals
  • Work with Tenant on planning, scheduling and programming
  • Interview and make recommendations on prospective architects, engineers and construction managers
  • Hold weekly project meetings with consultants and tenant representatives
  • Establish final schedule
  • Assist in obtaining all required approvals

Construction Phase:

  • Cost Control
  • Schedule Review
  • Attend all project and subcontractor meetings
  • Review all change orders
  • Expedite shop drawing approvals
  • Work with tenant in coordinating tenant work with base building
  • Monitor quality and safety control
  • Review and approve punch list
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