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The Unique Requirements of Leasing Medical Space

Physicians and medical offices have unique space requirements and compliance issues. They don’t usually move or relocate as often as other commercial tenants. Hiring a broker familiar with these requirements is a necessity for the medical profession. The tenant representative understands how to structure the lease agreement to fit the unique needs and compliance requirements of the healthcare provider. Listed below are some of these issues.

  • Medical use issues: Medical tenants use hazardous materials and generate bio medical waste. Toxic radiation is generated from x rays, scanners and other machines. A tenant representative can ensure the medical professional is compliant with these issues in the lease document.
  • ADA Compliance: Many patients may have special access requirements. Buildings with health care providers could come under closer review under the ADA. A tenant representative can guide you through the language of the ADA clause in your lease.
  • Access and utilities: After hours use of medical facilities is common with some businesses open 24 hours. The way utilities are accounted for in your lease can save on operating expenses.
  • Privacy v landlord access: Landlords are allowed access to their buildings under the terms of the lease agreement. A tenant representative can structure the lease language to limit the time of day, access to examining rooms and records in order to maintain patient privacy.
  • Exclusivity provisions: An exclusive use provision is a term in leases that states the landlord can’t lease space to a direct competitor of your medical business/practice . A tenant representative can help medical professionals structure the language in your lease.

These are just some of the many issues the medical professional faces when leasing space for their businesses. In order to get the very best terms and advice it’s important to turn to a qualified tenant representative. Give us a call at 314-821-0085 or send an email to

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