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The Value of an Experienced CRE Broker

black-and-white-city-man-people (2)Selecting the right office space is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make. It’s crucial to have an expert commercial real estate broker to guide you through the process. A commercial real estate professional, exclusively representing your interests, will not only  handle every detail of the transaction but they will also provide invaluable insights, connections and business support that will ultimately benefit both your top and bottom line.

Access to In-Depth Market Knowledge

There are a multitude of places your business could call home. Experienced brokers make it part of their job to be in constant communication with local owners, developers and investors providing them with knowledge of both on-and off-market opportunities. They are your guide to locating the right space for you opening up infinitely more possibilities for your business.

Realistic Expectations of the Space

Commercial real estate brokers work closely with the best service providers and vendors – architects, contractors, space planners, etc. – to give you a complete picture of space capabilities and potential costs. What are the costs associated with converting a centuries old warehouse into modern office space? What are the code requirements in a specific area? Will your data room require supplemental cooling? An experienced broker will be able to get the answers.

Everything is Negotiable

Everything is negotiable (from the rent to the tenant improvements and rent credits) if you know the right way to ask and have a complete knowledge of current market conditions. A commercial real estate professional tuned into your market will have the skills required to ensure you are getting the most advantageous terms.

Know The Lease Document

As a tenant, it’s critical that you have a thorough understanding of the lease document before you sign it. Experienced commercial real estate brokers live and breathe this language every day, creating much-needed guidance in these complicated transactions.

A Team of Professionals

Commercial real estate brokers work with a team of professionals across a variety of industries, carefully curating a network of trusted individuals. A close relationship with your broker can provide you access to the top architects, attorneys, accountants, bankers, insurance brokers, financial advisors, web designers and IT companies.

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