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Looking for Office Space? Follow These Tips

Whether you’re looking for your first office for a start-up, are opening a second office or need to relocate, the idea of finding the perfect space can be overwhelming. To simplify the process, follow these tips as you begin to consider office spaces.

1.  Start with Location

Before you start looking for new office space consider what you need at your new location. Is it advantageous to be in a part of town where businesses similar to yours are located? Do you need to be close to clients or others you do business with? Without question places that are easily accessible to public transportation and major roadways are a plus for employees. So are places located in populated areas with restaurants, shops and adequate parking. Once you’ve considered these general guidelines you can start looking at specific buildings.

2.  Get Input From Your Team

Different employees and their departments may have completely different office space needs. Some may want and need open office floor plans while others want and need closed door offices. Make sure to get input from your team of their absolute must-haves to guide you in your search for new office space.

3.  Know Your Technology Needs

While considering the needs of your employees, equally important is considering the technology requirements of your new building. Do you have equipment that needs a certain climate or sophisticated wiring? Are there enough available electrical outlets to accommodate all of the desktops, laptops, mobile devices and other electronic equipment? Also consider the strength of cell phone reception. You don’t want employees walking outside to make or take a call!

4.  Think About The Future

Before you look at a single property, take the time to think carefully about the future needs of your company. You don’t want to invest time and money moving only to outgrow (or under use) your space before your lease is up. Those are very costly errors. Analyze whether your company will be expanding or downsizing. Will telecommuting reduce the space requirements of your office team? What other factors should you consider?

5.  Consult a Pro

A real estate advisor who specializes in tenant representation can make finding the perfect office space a whole lot easier and less time consuming. Although their fiduciary responsibility is to you, your advisor’s services are paid for by the landlord, so enlisting the help of one will not cost your company any extra. Not only will they help you find the right occupancy solution, they will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible contract terms. Consider engaging howardcommercialGive us a call at 314-821-0085 or send us an email

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