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Maximizing the value of your asset is our goal at howardcommercial. We analyze your property from a financial perspective and evaluate its current and future potential value. Working with you, we help to determine just the right time to bring a property onto the market and to garner the greatest potential to accomplish a satisfactory sale transaction.

When your property is ready to be marketed, we work on many different levels to help secure a qualified buyer. howardcommercial is also very experienced in assisting potential buyers work through the current lending challenges by better positioning these buyers to complete a purchase.

We help you achieve the greatest value for your property. Our tailored work includes:

  • A complete financial evaluation of the building.
  • Evaluate any obstacles to a sale, i.e. lease expirations, deferred maintenance, prepayment penalties.
  • Analyze market comparables.
  • Establish a price.
  • Create a marketing package and install property signage.
  • Identify the target market for the asset.
  • Feature on commercial listing services.
  • Direct mail to target market.
  • Feature the property to brokerage community.
  • Provide negotiation services and/or work with seller’s legal counsel.
  • Manage an accepted offer through closing.
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