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How to Craft a Flexible Lease

Even if you have a clear vision for your company and a smart strategic plan to help you get there, the future is unpredictable. The office space that’s ideal for your needs today could end up being a less-than-perfect fit before your lease expires. Making your office lease as flexible as possible is a way to hedge against this unpredictability. Here are a few of the ways that you can create a more flexible lease: Consider a Shorter Term “Short-term” lease is a relative term. For a tech startup it might mean month-to-month. For an...

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The Restoration Provision When reviewing a multipage, landlord-centric commercial lease it’s easy to get glassy-eyed and often overlook seemingly harmless language. The restoration provision, usually tucked away under the Surrender of Premises Clause in your lease, is a perfect example and could be a potential tripwire hiding in plain sight. It’s a legal obligation for a tenant to restore, at the landlord’s request, the premises back to the condition it was in before you moved in or remove alterations and improvements as the landlord sees fit. This could be a very expensive parting gift to your...

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Signing a Lease for Commercial Space? Follow These Tips

Many times, finding the right space for your business is the easy part. Negotiating a commercial lease, on the other hand, can be quite difficult. Follow these basic guidelines to avoid signing the wrong lease.     1. Consider the Length of the Lease Keeping you in your space for a longer period of time is something landlords encourage because it’s advantageous for them. There are some instances where a longer term lease is a smart business decision for your company – you may be able to save big on your monthly rent. On the...

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The 3 Most Commonly Used Leases in Commercial Real Estate

There are 3 basic types of leases used in Commercial real estate. They are all complex documents but can be understood when you have some background about the terminology associated with each of them. The three types of leases are: 1. Gross Lease  With a gross lease, also known as a full service lease, the rental rate includes all of the operating expenses for a property, such as the utilities, maintenance, property taxes and property insurance. If these expenses increase over the term of the lease, the landlord typically passes through the incremental cost to the...

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Did I Budget For That?

If you’re planning to lease commercial space, you’ll need to be very strategic in your approach in order to get the best terms in your lease agreement. First and foremost you’ll want to start with a budget. We’ve listed some helpful #cre budgeting tips below. Rent: This is obvious but just one component of your budget. Your tenant advisor will know current rates for the particular property type and submarkets you’re considering and whether you can expect an annual increase. Moving costs: Budget for the costs associated with moving furniture and equipment, including IT, as...

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Commercial Real Estate

Many companies have the view that leasing commercial property is a lower risk than purchasing property – there are fewer worries about depreciation, taking on debt and other concerns when you’re using space without buying it. While it may be true that choosing to lease your office space or building spares you from certain worries, there are still risks involved. To help ensure that you choose the best space and get the best possible leasing agreement, be sure to avoid these deadly, all-too-common commercial real estate mistakes. Going in Blind You would never think of...

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