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Commercial Real Estate Lease vs. Purchase

The purchase side of the lease vs. purchase equation usually comes into play when your company’s needs are fixed and predictable for the long term. If you know that your needs won’t change for at least a decade or more, purchasing can be a good option. It gives you total control over your space and a great deal of certainty over cost and what you can do with the space since, after all, you own it. Is it best to lease or purchase commercial space? The type of business you have, your future goals, your...

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Commercial Real Estate Advisor

 Choosing a commercial real estate broker/advisor to serve as your tenant representative can be a challenge. Asking the right questions can help determine whether or not a broker is a good fit for you. Here are six good ones and some guidance on what to look for. 1. Does your firm focus exclusively on tenant representation or do you also represent landlords? If the answer is “we represent both” then there is an inherent conflict of interest. To insure that your best interest aligns with that of your advisor, choose a firm that focuses exclusively on...

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These Lease Terms Provide Options

After a lengthy search, you’ve finally found the perfect new office space. It’s so great that, in fact, you’re not sure if you should lease or purchase the building. To put you in control, negotiate in your lease options to buy the building if you decide you want it. You can also stop someone else from purchasing it as well. These options, listed below, give you a measure of control and let you avoid the costs and responsibilities of ownership if you are not yet ready to take them on. Option to Buy This negotiated...

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