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What Should You Expect From Your Commercial Real Estate Advisor?

The logic behind a commercial real estate advisor who specializes in tenant representation is that in order for a tenant to secure the best possible contract terms they will need access to market information, transaction expertise and negotiating skills equal to that of the landlord who utilizes professional representation.

Tenants should look for a real estate advisor who specializes in tenant representation with the appropriate market knowledge, relative experience and most importantly is someone they can trust to assist them with an important business and financial decision.

Your advisor should:

    • Be willing to invest the time to truly understand your overall business objectives and strategies as it relates to your real requirements.
    • Provide a realistic assessment of the market.
    • Understand that facility decisions go beyond real estate costs alone and include additional factors such as proximity to employees, proximity to customers and image, to name just a few.
    • Be able to build flexibility into your real estate decision.
    • Provide clear, concise communication.
    • Possess the technical and financial skills to provide apples-to-apples comparisons of the various market alternatives.
    • Be knowledgeable with respect to current transactions in the market and how they relate to your specific negotiations.
    • Be creative and be able to structure transactions to best fit your objectives.
    • Have credibility and a track record with building owners and landlord representatives.
  • Have the ability to assemble, coordinate and manage the entire project team.

howardcommercial is a commercial real estate advisory firm focused exclusively on representing tenants, owner-occupiers and investors. Please feel free to contact us at 314.821.0085 or to discuss your real estate requirements.

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